Terms & Sales

All FRACTOM's products have a legal protection.


FRACTOM manufactures and sells its products in unlimited quantities, but no less than 50 units per order. The price becomes the lowest and stable on orders of 1000 units or more.


After a preliminary mutual agreement of the contract, the buyer prepares a written purchase order, which becomes effective only after FRACTOM's approval. Terms and conditions of an approved order may be amended only by written consent of each party.



The warranty on all FRACTOM's products is one year from the date of product receipt by the buyer. The warranty covers only properly operated products. Replacement or repair of the product is performed by FRACTOM upon confirmation of current warranty. All transportation charges in this case are borne by FRACTOM. In case of unfounded claims by the customer, all transportation charges and other expenses are borne by the customer. FRACTOM is not responsible for any damage to the equipment used in conjunction with its products.


Payment should be effected by Bank Transfer. A confirmed Letter of Credit that is issued by a pre-approved Bank is required for all export orders. The seller must approve the form and content of the letter. The buyer is responsible for all costs associated with obtaining the Letter of Credit. Partial shipments and trans-shipments shall be specifically permitted in the Letter of Credit.


In case of infringement of terms and/or damage of products by the third party, for example by the post office, standard procedures for such cases are applied. All claims for damage during shipment shall be made with the shipping carrier. Provisions and costs of freight and insurance to the port of destination are included in CIF quotations. However, any customs, local freight costs, customs agent cost or any other cost or tax in the country of destination are not included in CIF quotations.


FRACTOM takes appropriate actions to obtain an export license for which the buyer must supply all the necessary documentation and information. In case of not receiving the export license, any FRACTOM's liability to the purchaser is withdrawn. The buyer is responsible for obtaining import license to any country of destination.